Photo: Coneby Photography, Austin, Tx




It's so simple. I love to play and have fun with makeup. Ever since I was a young girl watching my mother apply her makeup every morning, I have been fascinated by lipstick and eyeliner. While attending Texas A&M University as a wildlife major, my fascination grew into a lifestyle choice. I began to teach myself the art of cosmetics, not only for everyday wear, but also makeup for film/photography. Makeup became my passion, and once I graduated, I concentrated on becoming my own freelance makeup artist so I could pursue a career I was passionate about.

I am now a freelance makeup artist of 5 years and have had experience in Bridal and Editorial/photography makeup. My goal is to show women that makeup can be fun and playful, while also being a great confidence builder. I love to talk to my clients and talk through my techniques and products, so not only will you get your makeup done, you can take away some helpful tips!

If you are in the Greater Houston Area, I would  love to meet you.

Alejandro Osma Photography, behind the scenes